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duET emerged at a time of highest inspiration, as during  the early eighties when Cologne was blessed with regular visits by the Amadeus Quartet, we studied the great chamber music works under their guidance.
Violin and viola, just the two as a fully-fledged ensemble, was the result from the unique training received from these great celebrities of chamber music. The feature of duET which holds to this day, is derived from the instruction received from Norbert Brainin and Peter Schidloff on the Mozart duets: they are more than merely instrumental, but to be treated as highly dramatic scenes of opera. Colloratura soprano with tenor or baritone. This leads the way to a performance which enables projection of sound and concept to reach all venues ranging up to large concert halls.
duET has become entwined in our lives over the decades as an expression of eternal love, not only between the players(!) but to music, and our listeners. And last but not least, to the astonishingly charming repertoire written for this ensemble a deux!
duET has time and time again drawn musicians together; becoming the nucleus of trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet…..with strings, piano, oboe, bassoon, flute, and horn. Thus, duET accompanies us throughout life, and across many a concert stage.






Erika Togawa, Violin




Born in Victoria, Australia into a musical family, Erika received early violin tuition from her father, Richard Hornung. At 16 she performed as soloist with orchestra, and as a young talent in the Adelaide Festival. She studied at the Adelaide School of Music, and completed her B-Mus.(honours) at the Elder Conservatorium. Among  her teachers: Ronald Woodcock,Jiri Tancibudeck, and Ffrancon Davies. Parallel to her studies, Erika worked in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ABC), and as vice- principal violinist in the South Australian Opera. She won a DAAD scholarship in 1982, which took her to Cologne and the Amadeus Quartet, where she met her husband, Tomoyuki Togawa. This is how “duEt”was formed, and some years later, the Togawa-ensemble. Participation in masterclasses gave Erika the opportunity to experience the lessons given by Igor Ozim, Igor Oistrakh, and Ildiko Moog Ban. Erika appears in concert as a soloist and chamber musician in Germany, Australia, Japan, and France (“Transart “ Festival, Montpellier).






Tomoyuki Togawa, Viola




Born in Osaka, Japan. grew up with music and received an excellent musical education in piano and singing before he discovered his passion for the viola at the age of 16, which rapidly became the instrument of his life. Even before his graduation from the University of the Arts in Kyoto, (B.A.-Mus.), performed as soloist with an orchestra, and was known as an accomplished chamber musician. His studies continued in Cologne,with Prof. Rainer Moog, and the Amadeus Quartet. It was here that he met his wife, Erika; and with her, “duET”was formed. Tomoyuki Togawa commenced work with the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker in 1984.  Some years later followed the “Togawa-ensemble”, along with Erika and both daughters, Kanali (piano), and Hiyoli (viola). Many performances, both as a soloist and as chamber musician bring Tomoyuki Togawa around Japan, Australia and Europe, and he may also be heard at the renowned “Transart” Festival in Montpelier. As a tutor, many a seasonal vacation from the orchestra has been spent teaching and demonstrating chamber music in Japan.










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